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Nick is joined by special guest @MikeCardano and they discuss LoMo’s opportunity, who gets the most saves ROS in SF, does Tulo get traded, Collin McHugh, Miguel Sano, Marcus Stroman and more! Now on the FNTSY Sports Network!

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  1. Funkytown says:

    Nick – your mancrush on Hammel has blinded you a bit… small sample size and his BABIP is going to regress to the norm. While he is good, he’s not nearly as good as Smardz. Get off the ledge

    • Nick The Podcast Host

      Nick The Podcast Host says:

      Love it. I was just trying to make the point that he can be had for a much lower cost than Smardz. That’s it!

      • Funkytown says:

        @Nick The Podcast Host: You did mention that a few times too! – love hearing the podcast everyday – keep it up!

  2. Nick The Podcast Host

    Nick The Podcast Host says:

    Thank you kind sir!

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