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Grey and I talk Yu, Hanley, Kemp, Ventura, Bruce and try to make a RCL trade on the air!

  1. Toe Knee Arm Ass says:

    Great job guys made lol for real. If you watch any Houston games and I do Springers power is real . Nick with Kemp ,Reynolds, Dunn, and Cepedes your team is stacked . thanks I enjoyed the show.

  2. Nick The Podcast Host

    Nick The Podcast Host says:

    Toe Knee! I’ll trade you Kemp, Reynolds and Dunn for a slice of pizza.

  3. Nico says:

    Nick! Funny ep. You were trying to low-ball the overload, but I appreciated your persistence. Grey getting offended was hilarious (and probably warranted haha). Anyway, why am I here? Oh yeah.. For Ask Grey Friday, can you ask Grey how Razzball got going? This might require more time than you guys want to spend on questions, but I think it’d be interesting for the listeners, watchers, commenters, and 4 girls.

  4. Clint says:

    The trade discussion on this one got me wondering: what should be a good trade strategy? Some I’ve traded with go w/the “give up a little of this to get a little of that back” in a 2:2 type deal where you don’t lose or gain all that much whereas others have subscribed to the idea you have to give up something to get something, i.e. straight power for pitching or something, losing more in the process. I’ve found greater success in trading using the former but most of said deals are kinda “blah” when completed as a result.

    • Nico says:

      @Clint: I’m not expert in the field, but I tend to have a lot of success getting trades done in my league. If I need something, I usually look at the strengths of my team, and target the teams that need what I have. Then I see if they have a piece that can fit into my team. For example, in order to trade Gordon, I looked at the 3 worst SB teams in my league. I needed a pitcher, so I gave up Dee and Ventura (who was overperforming at the time) in exchange for Scherzer. The other owner still got a good pitcher to put in his lineup (before injury) and some steals, while I upgraded a SP. I also traded Gray for Marte straight up because I needed speed to make up for selling Gordon a bit, along w some better counting stats, and I knew that owner had a hard on for Gray. Hopefully, I could help a little bit.

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