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Watch out, Ain’t It Cool News (or AICN, for y’all in the *pinkie to mouth* knowles)!  Is Ain’t It Cool around anymore?  I remember they reviewed one of my short films from a film festival and I thought it was the meow’s cat.  Member everyone thought Harry Knowles mattered and now you can’t go to Comic-Con without hitting two dozen Harry Knowleses (Knowlii?). Eh, I’m not gonna hate on him.  That site probably got him laid and if you ever saw him, that is no small feat.  So, besides going way off topic when Nick asks me about Tree of Life, we also get to the heart of the matter on Dan Straily and Mike Olt like we’re a bunch of Kali Ma’s from Temple of Doom.  We also talk on some Uptons, some Weekses (Weekii?) and some Drews.  We basically talk about anyone that has a brother.  Except The Brothers McMullen.  God, I hate Ed Burns.  Anyway, here’s the Razzball Podcast, now with film geek talk:

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