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Rudy’s on vacation, so Nick and I go it alone for today’s podcast.  No fear, I have a shizzton of coffee and talk amongst myself like I’m freakin’ Daniel Johnston.  This, sir, is not a podcast.  Yes, it is.  No, it’s not.  And I go on like that for a good thirty minutes.  When I’m not talking over myself and making small talk with myself and arguing with myself about Hawaiian shaved ice, I’m discussing the trades that went down in major league baseball.  Pence for who?  McGehee for what?  Headley for God’s sakes should’ve been traded!  You know, crazy fantasy baseball talk by your resident loon.  Also, Nick and I make a little wager that I plan on either winning or welching on.  Stakes are high, yo!  Also, Symphony of Nine, the band that did the Razzball theme song is having a CD launch party.  Check out the poster (“of the Razzball Podcast” — ha!)  Anyway, here’s the Razzball Podcast, now with me, myself and I talking like we’re all on Jerry Springer:

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