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Right when the podcast started, Wandy was traded to the Pirates, but we don’t talk about that trade much at all because I got the sense Nick didn’t believe me when I announced it.  We do discuss Jeffrey Loria and his stupid aqua-orange fetish that’s only surpassed by his lies and deceit.  Man, I really hate that man.  Let’s trade the whole team we just put together; we’ll still have Ozzie and an ugly as f*ck stadium the city paid for.  Okay, sorry, I’m losing it again.  We also discuss when we’re gonna see Wil Myers and Mike Olt, because, well, I feel like we discuss that every show.  Then there’s a whole riff on slump busting that lasts about 7 seconds.  Is that a riff?  I don’t know; you tell me.  There’s a lot of trade talk though mostly.  Who’s going where and WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?  We use caps when we talk so lower the volume on your podcast-listening device.   Anyway, here’s the Razzball Podcast, now with real live trading done by other people that we comment on:

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