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Rudy had to take a flight when we were recording the podcast.  He tried to continue on the plane while it was taxiing, but they asked him to turn off the phone, so he said he was only playing Words With Friends, so they kicked him off the plane, and, unfortunately, there was no reception in the terminal, so it was just me.  It was scary out there by myself!  I did half the podcast with a flashlight held up to my face and tears coming down my face while Nick held a shaky camera up to record it.  We then buried the recording somewhere in the woods and what you are about to hear is what we found when we dug it up the next day.  Good thing we marked the buried recording with a poorly-constructed witch made of twigs!  Also, in this podcast there’s a rap song performed by one of you out there in Razzball Nation.  If you want to download it, go here.  It’s called “Fantasy Baseballing On Your Mom’s Terms.”  Anyway, here’s the Razzball Podcast, now with only one nasally voiced New Jerseyan:

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