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The question we didn’t ask, “Mr. Proops, take one letter out of your last name and you’ve got street cred — drop a different letter and you have absolutely no cred.  Discuss.”  But we did ask him about comedy and Whose Line Is It Anyway… We basically clarified what everyone already knows –> talking about comedy is the least funny thing in the entire world, but… Greg Proops’s The Smartest Man in the World podcast is funny and should be checked out/downloaded/whatever the kids are saying nowadays.  You know, the 411!  And 411 is something I’m not even sure kids would understand.  As for our podcast with Greg Proops, it’s hoot-larious (I just made that up?  You like it?  Use it, but pay me a nickel every time).  Anyway, here’s the Razzball podcast, Proops we did it again:

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